Stellar Brilliance Concentrate + Face Oil Serum


Brilliance Concentrate

Exquisite phyto-complex with green tea, turmeric, and licorice extracts to brighten and promote skin renewal. Natural AHAs and Vitamin C from Rooibos and Hibiscus refine skin texture and enhance its natural radiance. Wild carrot seed distillate effortlessly wraps skin in comforting moisture and revitalizes its appearance. 

Enhances the performance of Kambiio Face Oil Serums; Glowing Excellence and Dream Skin team - choose your potion 

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$38.00 CAD
High-performance skincare, cruelty-free, microbiome-friendly, bipoc owned


Amplify your routine

To use -  Shake well before use. Gently pat onto cleansed face and neck or blend a few drops with your Kambiio Face oil serum or moisturizer for a lustrous finish.

Avoid contact with eyes and lips.

Everything is falling into place. Compose yourself and enjoy the sensation of a stellar performance.


- If this is your first time using this product, we recommend you perform a patch test prior to use.

-Enjoy also as a face primer, clay mask activator, radiance and hydrating booster.


What you have to say

  • People need to try this for real. The concentrate on its own is hydrating, moisturizing, brightening, refreshing. Pairing it with the face oil serum takes it to another level. I like the experience. It also worked well as a makeup primer. Thanks for the tip.

    Anu O
  • I really love it! very light weight yet potent. My skin looks and feel vibrant and moisturized immediately after use and I'm looking forward to a more even complexion.

    Valerie K
  • It smells really nice. It smoothens and softens the face. I love that it is multi-use and I have enjoyed using it in my mask routine. I'm looking forward to the launch. 

    Debby A
  • I really like your products. They make my skin look better and more dewy and youthful (hard to explain).

    Wendy F
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