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Kambiio Skincare Stellar Brilliance Concentrate with Rooibos + Licorice  for Radiance, Renewal and Vitality.

Give Your Skin A Spring Boost: 8 Easy Tips to Revamp Your Routine

A new season is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. Spring is the perfect season to purge products that are not suitable for your skin needs or ones that have passed their shelf life. It is also a perfect time to introduce a new product to your skin and body care routine -cleaning out the old and investing in a new regimen that will provide results.  As we lean into spring, here is how to refresh you’re routine- glowing skin, smooth legs, glossy hair, and luscious lips!


  1. At Home Facial

Face masks are a great way to provide your skin with an intensive boost and prep the skin to create a glowing base for your skincare products or makeup look.

Choose your face mask based on any current problems your skin is having. Coming out from winter, your skin may feel dry and parched, so it is best to use a face mask designed to detoxify and replenish hydration.

A powder clay or charcoal mask will help draw out impurities and unclog your pores. It will decongest, exfoliate and remove build-up.

Activate a tablespoon of clay or charcoal powder mask with a few drops of water in a small bowl. Alternatively, you can replace water with a few drops of Kambiio Stellar Brilliance Concentrate.

This Concentrate contributes to brightening, and replenishing the tone and texture of the skin due to natural AHAs and Vitamin C-rich formula. Mix it together and smooth evenly over the face and neck using your fingers or a brush. (Avoid the areas around the eyes). Rinse off with warm water before the mask dries off.


  1. An Effortless Cleanser

A well-balanced pH cleanser that removes makeup and residue but also treats and nourishes the skin effectively is what the skin needs. You can alter the natural pH of your skin if you are not using a balanced pH cleanser that is equal to or close to the natural skin pH level. This can lead to dryness, irritation, and increased water loss. If you are in doubt about what cleansers to use, opt for face oil as your cleanser or cleansing oil or cleansing balm. Cleansers that are correctly designed to have a small acidic pH, similar to the acid mantle of the skin, work with the skin to cleanse without stripping, upsetting, or drying it.


  1. Switch to a Lightweight Moisturizer

As the temperature rises, thick moisturizers won't feel all that wonderful. Put the thick creams in the back of your cupboard and get a light moisturizer that contains humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and aloe vera. These ingredients will assist the epidermis in holding onto moisture. No matter the temperature, they will work without leaving the skin feeling sticky when used in a light formulation. Try Stellar Brilliance Concentrate and Excel Radiance Oil Serum combo from Kambiio Skincare. This amazing combo creates lighter layers of hydration and moisturization for radiance, renewal, and skin vitality. Apply about 3 drops of Stellar Brilliance Concentrate and follow with 1-2 drops of Excel Radiance Oil Serum for a fresh, dewy finish.

Kambiio Skincare Stellar Brilliance Concentrate with Rooibos and Licorice, Kambiio Skincare Excel Radiance Oil Serum with Marula, Plum and Carrot


  1. Kissable Luscious Lips

For kissable luscious lips, up your water intake, exfoliate, and moisturize. Exfoliate with a small mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil, using small circular strokes once or twice a week. Moisturize your lips daily, especially overnight. Try Laneige lip sleeping mask to ensure your lips are silky smooth and nourished in the morning. Avoid licking the lips as this can dry them further and reapply a hydrating lip balm to keep lips moisturized and healthy-looking.  Keep your lips protected with lip balms with SPF in the daytime.


  1. Daily SPF

A superlight SPF with a peachy tint and dewy finish a.k.a  SPF-infused tinted moisturizer cloaks the skin with a healthy dose of freshness, and bouncy complexion whilst providing major protection by stopping UVA and UVB light from harming your skin.  A lot of these tinted moisturizers with SPF are made with hydrating and antioxidant-rich ingredients which are beneficial for healthy-looking skin.


  1. Smooth-Shaved Legs

 The legs are coming out in springtime! Shave in the shower when the skin is wet. The warm water from the shower helps softens the skin before the shave. Prep your legs by applying a body wash or shaving cream onto the damp skin. Use a clean, sharp razor and shave your legs in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Follow by applying body oil or lotion immediately after you wash off from the shower. Using a clean, sharp razor and moisturizing immediately will help prevent ingrown hairs.


  1. Spring time Haircare


Skincare is not one size fits all and so it's haircare. Your haircare regimen will depend on your hair type and texture. This spring, trim split ends, switch up hairstyles and /or hair color, and have a little fun with your routine. Do not forget to add a scalp treatment to your spring hair care regimen to promote lustrous, healthy hair.


  1. Delectable Spring Fragrance

Fragrances can aid in our celebration of seasonal changes, such as the change from a typically gloomy winter to the lively, upbeat mood that comes with spring.  Fragrances with floral and citrus notes reign supreme in Spring time. Discover some spring  fresh and floral fragrances from niche fragrance houses like Maison Louis Marie or Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio to add to your collection.

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