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Kambiio Skincare Gift Sets and Bundles

Kambiio Skincare Gift Sets and Bundles

Explore Kambiio's range of skincare gift sets and bundles, ideal for gifting or indulging in a little self-care. Discover skincare essentials thoughtfully paired for effortless routines and radiant results. Shop now for the perfect blend of luxury and efficacy.
Kambiionaire- Radiance and Vitality Signature Set. Two-step skincare routine for a glowing radiance. Renewing hydration, improved moisture for healthy, balanced and radiant skin. Full set of Kambiio Excel Radiance Face Oil serum and Kambiio Steller Brilliance Concentrate. Made with nourishing, nutrient-rich  botanicals, high-performance, effective skincare. Microbiome-supportive, clean beauty, green beauty, cruelty-free skincare. African botanics. BIPOC-founded, Canadian skincare brand.

KAMBIIONAIRE Radiance & Vitality Set

Radiance & Vitality Set


Regular price
$208.00 CAD

Better Together for Dry, Dull, Dehydrated, Mature, Sensitive, Hyperpigmented Skin

Skincare Set, Skincare duo set of dream face oil and brilliance concentrate

Stellar + Dreamer Skincare Set

Replenishing & Rejuvenating Set

Regular price
$205.00 CAD

Stellar Brilliance Concentrate and Dreamer Refining Oil Serum Set for replenishing, refining and rejuvenating skin.

Multitasking Skincare Set, Essence- Serum, Elixir

PRIMA x STELLAR Skin Multitasker Set

Regular price
$215.00 CAD

Skin Multitasking duo!

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