Unearth Your Brilliance

Kambiio Skincare Best Face Oil with Marula seed oil, Plum seed oil, Carrot seed oil

Excel Radiance Oil Serum


Radiance Oil Serum

Sold out

With Marula, Plum and Carrot seed

2022 Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice Winner

Kambiio Skincare Best Face Oil with Baobab and Willow Bark

Dreamer Refining Oil Serum


Refining Oil Serum

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With Baobab, Black Cumin and Willow bark extract

High-performance skincare, cruelty-free, microbiome-friendly, bipoc owned

Stellar Brilliance Concentrate + Face Oil Serum


Brilliance Concentrate

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$38.00 CAD

Exquisite phyto-complex with green tea, turmeric, and licorice extracts to brighten and promote skin renewal. Natural AHAs and Vitamin C from Rooibos and Hibiscus refine skin texture and enhance its natural radiance. Wild carrot seed distillate effortlessly wraps skin in comforting moisture and revitalizes its appearance. 

Enhances the performance of Kambiio Face Oil Serums; Glowing Excellence and Dream Skin team - choose your potion 

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