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Prima Grounding Skin Elixir


Grounding Skin Elixir

With Moringa, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense

A multi-functional, skin intervention with omega-rich botanicals and aromatic essences. This grounding elixir is silky, lightweight, and fast absorbing. Design to promote moments of absolute well-being and tranquility while leaving your skin nourished, supple, restored, and fortifying the skin's natural barrier. An indulgent skincare and wellness product to improve well-being.

For face, neck, hair, and body. Offers a soothing, rejuvenating, and grounding experience for the skin. Effective for acne-prone skin, works harmoniously with your skincare tools for easy glide. For skin in need of calm and tranquility.

Suitable for all skin types especially stressed and congested skin craving some nurturing.


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$125.00 CAD
Face serum, Neck serum, Hair and Body Elixir with Blue Tansy, Frankincense, African Moringa oil. For soothing, rejuvenated skin. For acne-prone skin, For skin in need of calm, grounding and nurturing. Clean beauty, Green beauty, Microbiome supportive, Cruelty-free skincare. BIPOC-founded, Canadian skincare brand

Customer Reviews

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Suprising results!

I recently discovered this brand and tried the Prima Grounding Skin Elixir, first from the skin care line. I then ordered the other products later. But, I'm so glad I tried the Prima first! I can see it becoming my holy grail!!
The description of this product does it no justice! I've never seen any product work so quickly, giving me a very noticeable, natural glow that lasts!! It's like I'm radiating from within, not that oily look.

And that says a lot for someone who's beyond their 50's! If you haven't tried this elixir it's definitely worth it, believe me! Please don't ever discontinue this product! I'll cry if you do!!

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