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Kambiio Skincare Excel Radiance Face Oil Serum with Marula, Papaya, Carrot Seed, Plum oil, Jojoba oil

Excel Radiance Oil Serum


Radiance Oil Serum

Regular price
$115.00 CAD

With Marula, Plum and Carrot seed

2022 Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice Winner

Kambiio Skincare Dreamer Refining Face Oil Serum with Baobab, Willow bark extract, Black Cumin

Dreamer Refining Oil Serum


Refining Oil Serum

Regular price
$110.00 CAD

With Baobab, Black Cumin and Willow bark extract

Exceptional skincare for conscious beauty

Our Story

Exceptional skincare for conscious beauty. Created with intention, and fueled by a rich African heritage. Our simplified approach to skincare in synergy with nutrient-dense and efficacious ingredients work to restore, nourish, and radiate your skin.

We believe that everyone deserves radiant skin and we've made it our mission to help you achieve it.

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