Our Story

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity

Amelia Earhart

Welcome to Kambiio. We are glad you found us!

Exceptional skincare for conscious beauty. Created with intention, and powered by luxurious African botanicals. Our simplified approach to skincare in synergy with nutrient-dense and efficacious ingredients work to restore, nourish, and radiate your skin. We are passionate about bringing you skincare that feels good, does good for your skin and elevates you.

We ensured only the finest, precious, and functional ingredients with valuable bioactive compounds are selected for our formulation. Each ingredient is carefully sourced, selected with purpose, ensuring safety and efficacy. We choose unrefined, organic ingredients first and whenever possible, to ensure that the constituents of our ingredients are intact to deliver compelling benefits whilst respecting skin integrity.

Our mission is to offer essential and effective skincare products designed for optimal skin vitality using evidence-based and safe ingredients.

Our vision is to go beyond skincare by infusing a whole lot of wellness and empowering attitude that elevates and brings inspiration to our customers. Our message starts with our packaging- product names that are empowering and have the ability to transform our state of mind and bold distinctive patterns inspired by African Uli murals. This emboldens you to embrace your uniqueness and champion your individuality.

Transparency, Quality, Safety and Efficacy are amongst our major guiding principles.

We embrace your uniqueness. Our products are for you!

Every Kambiio product is a reminder to glow inside-out. Your best self and your most radiant skin await you.

Meet the Founder

I have always had an interest in skincare, I was the young girl buying one potion or lotion every other week, looking for the best product out there for my skin.

In my quest to look inwards, find my purpose and reconnect with my self while navigating adulthood, motherhood and career, I started something new! I enrolled in an organic skincare formulation course. In that time, I started paying close attention to product formulations and ingredients in the products I was consuming and not just on the marketing buzz words.

Fascinated with plant oils and given my African roots, I explored the luxurious plant botanicals from Africa. Oh, the richness of it! With my acquired knowledge and extensive research, I formulated my first product and was excited to start seeing a difference in my skin.

It was skincare that felt good on my skin and invigorated me in an empowering way.

The thought of Kambiio came to me but I held back. For a very long time, I focused on my own weaknesses. However, significant changes in personal circumstances and work schedule finally pushed me to embrace my challenges. It was during this period that I realized one of my key strengths is problem solving. It was time to come back to my purpose and there the drive to establish Kambiio was born.

Kambiio is derived from "Kambiri", an African Igbo word meaning to come alive, an expression of restoration, beauty and radiance.

Looking at the journey so far, it is clear that this path is not a coincidence. It has always been there. It just took the challenges at the time to push me to pursue this life-long passion. My background is in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Quality Assurance. Having worked in the pharmaceutical sector, I am bringing this experience forth. Kambiio is committed to delivering the highest quality and most effective skincare.

Now more than ever, skincare is a whole lot of wellness practice and self love. My pride and joy are for you to enjoy this simple luxury. Unearth your radiance!

– Maryann

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