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Why We Are Rebranding: Kambiio Skincare Refresh!

Why We Are Rebranding: Kambiio Skincare Refresh!

Welcome again to the world of Kambiio!

Kambiio launched in August 2021 and since our launch, we have built a small but amazing community of customers that keep coming back.

This entire journey to where we are now has truly been a labor of love.

I have loved connecting and hearing all your positive remarks and this excites me to do more. The support and feedback have been very instrumental with this rebrand.

This change is more of a refresh than a rebrand as Kambiio's core values, ethos, mission, and vision remain the same. The main goal was to have clarity within our brand message and enhance our overall presentation as we continue to build brand recognition.

There are different layers of Kambiio, and we want you to feel and experience it all.

What Is Changing:

Logo wordmark- We have simplified the KAMBIIO wordmark, this is our immediate presentation and visual identity. Our simplified logo aims to convey a clear message to our target audience.

Introduce Icon - We introduce an icon to leverage brand visibility and allow for cohesiveness should we introduce new product lines.

Tagline - Our tagline has always been “unearth your radiance” and somehow it gets lost that customers do not know that it exists. We now have this tagline on every packaging box. It was important to have this tagline visible for our customers to coincide with our brand message of inspiring radiance and confidence, empowering and elevating our customers.

Arch - The arch is very symbolic and embodies the different layers of Kambiio. It is an entrance into the new or a beginning, which resonates with the meaning of Kambiio, “come alive” and then, opening the packaging box to see the beautiful African murals (Igbo Uli drawings). Uli mural is an art or graphic communication to celebrate and beautify oneself - consisting of distinctive repeated abstract designs or motifs. This is a piece of my African heritage.

The arch also represents protection, strength, and support. This aligns with our brand message of bringing a conscious and exceptional skincare that feels good, does good for your skin, and elevates you. Your skin is worthy of extraordinary care, which is why we use premium ingredients, and high-performance formulas that are safe and effective to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. This is skincare for the long haul!

New Label & Packaging Design - It was important to redesign our label and packaging to highlight our new branding features, conveying the story we are trying to tell and most importantly bringing the core benefits of our product to life and preparing Kambiio products for the retail shelves.

Certificate Of Purchase -  Kambiio is impact-led beauty. From the onset, Kambiio has been a vehicle that supports Autistic children to live a wholesome life and reach their full potential. Kambiio gives back and this mission is personal. Having a child with Autism, and giving back to the community that supports me and other families with children on the spectrum is very important. Bringing this forward, I want our customers to see themselves as changemakers and influencers in supporting the mission. For every purchase, you get a Kambiio certificate of purchase, meaning a portion of your purchase supports Autism Services of Saskatoon and we appreciate your support.

I believe that these changes capture the essence of who we are and what matters to us and I hope this resonates with you. I want you to get excited about using Kambiio skincare products like never before.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I will love to hear your thoughts on our new look. Send us a message at


Maryann x

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